Polestar Graduate Highlight: Lorna Jarrett MS, LPTA, AIB/VR-CON, NCPT

What is your movement mantra?

LJ: Your purpose is fulfilled as it is lived in your best body.

How did you first hear about Pilates?

LJ: As a personal trainer and dancer, Pilates was part of my personal workout and training repertoire at the gym. I enjoyed how it connected to traditional dance choreography and I valued its ability to challenge my expert movers and support my special population clients.

Why Polestar Pilates?

LJ: I am a Polestar Graduate (Rehab track) and NCPT. I chose Polestar Pilates because for me there was no other option. I researched many certifications. Polestar certification discussed the founder Brent Anderson along with his background. The focus of the certification coincided with physical therapy practices and evidence-based research. This is what interested me. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant with a corporate business background and wherever my career took me I needed my education and practice to be sound.

What is your Teaching Philosophy?

LJ: I specialize in those with neurological disorders and the special population i,e, Myotonic Dystrophy, MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s, spondylolisthesis. Most of my clientele have chronic conditions. During our sessions, we focus on movement potential. This approach allows my client to redirect and discover that they can still have joy in movement no matter the diagnosis. This practice creates an opportunity for me to instill hope on an ongoing basis.

How has Pilates impacted your life?

LJ: Pilates as a tool has allowed me to serve a cross-section of the population with varied needs and abilities. Its principles have provided a level of discipline and organization to my own movement. It has provided a common theme to which I have built lasting relationships. It’s an industry that is rooted in tradition but remains progressive, contemporary, and relevant.

What is your favorite apparatus?

LJ: My favorite apparatus for the last two years is the Core Align. It allows me to challenge every client and support the principles in a standing position. I am excited to complete Core Align for Rehabilitation at POT Rehab Summit 2020.

What is your favorite thing about your Job?

LJ: What I love most about coming into the studio, is creating an environment of peace and tranquility so that clients can have a pain free, enjoyable yet challenging mindful movement experience. An atmosphere, where every sense is impacted, to evoke mental, emotional, and physical change. In creating this environment, I myself get to experience it over and over again. I value being able to help people improve their abilities. Movement ability is taken for granted and this work reminds me of what a blessing it is to move.

What is Unique about your studio?

LJ: I co-founded Whole Pilates studio with two physical therapists. It is unique in that we offer an integrated and holistic approach to our studio. Utilizing music and essential oils assist with focusing the senses. We partner with a Doctor of Naturopath, who provides complementary alternative therapies in our studio space i.e. infrared sauna, vibration plate, IMRS table. Therefore, our clients can receive nutritional counseling along with complementary alternative therapies with their Pilates training. Our staff is certified in Pre and postnatal Pilates, so we value meeting the needs of every season. We value education and our offerings based on an integrative and holistic approach are real and very important to us.

What do you find intriguing?

LJ: The concept of the mind and thoughts determining gene expression. The fact that the brain can rewire and change the physical state of the body.

What are you reading?

LJ: I am reading about Decision making in healthcare leadership as I am completing my Doctor of Health Science with an emphasis in leadership and organizational development from AT Still University, Osteopathic Medicine/College of Health Studies. I am an entrepreneur and have developed a non-profit and wellness business. I realize that effective leadership is at the foundation of any cultural change or initiative. So, one day I decided instead of writing another proposal that instead, I would become the decision-maker.

Also, I am reading “The Bridge Across Forever: A true love story” which is a book about experiencing your soul mate.

What are you excited to learn about?

LJ: As a rehab practitioner, I have completed CEUS for stroke therapy, certification as a Stroke Recovery specialist, Pilates for MS and other neurological conditions, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Management Certification/ American Institute of Balance 

What is something Unique about yourself?

LJ: I love chocolate! I have jumped 15,000 feet with a parachute, Arizona mountains make me feel like I am coming home, I am my happiest when I am dancing, I believe a new thought precedes any new experience.

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