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Become a Certified Pilates Instructor

with Polestar’s Comprehensive Teacher Training Program

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Become a Certified Pilates Instructor
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This program includes:

  • Polestar Pilates
    Polestar Curriculum
    Duration: 450 hours, 13-14 months
  • Polestar Pilates
    Coursework (Hybrid In-Person and Online): in-person labs, online lectures, live virtual sessions, online quizzes, homework
  • Polestar Pilates
    Midterm & Final Exam
  • Polestar Pilates
    Access to Polestar’s Virtual Pilates Studio
  • Polestar Pilates
    Certification: Diploma from Polestar Pilates teacher training qualifies you for the National Pilates Certification Program.
  • Tuition: $7,600
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You will learn to:

  • Master the versatile uses of Pilates exercises, a crucial skill for any Pilates instructor
  • Develop assessment techniques to help your clients make consistent progress on their goals
  • Learn to customize workouts for each client’s needs, essential for any Pilates Instructor seeking high client retention
  • Learn to teach Pilates in both group and private settings, broadening your instructing capabilities and enabling your teaching to be accessible to more clients
  • Understand the physics of the equipment at a deep level, enabling you to manipulate any apparatus to suit your client’s needs
  • Learn to safely adapt exercises for injuries and special needs, ensuring responsible and equitable instruction

Program advantages:

  • Becoming a part of an elite global community of comprehensive Pilates practitioners
  • Engaging in a blended learning experience with in-person and online instruction
  • Accessing a rich trove of online resources for a deeper dive into Pilates instruction
  • Benefiting from exceptional student support throughout your journey
  • Participating in bi-weekly webinars hosted by experienced Polestar Faculty
  • Learning from senior instructors with one-year access to Polestar’s virtual studio, a hub of advanced learning and practice
Program Phases
  • Phase 1 (Online): Polestar Principles of Movement (1 Month) 
    • Pilates Mat Exercises: Foundational lectures, guided instruction, and personal movement exploration. 
    • Movement Analysis: Develop a strong foundation in Pilates principles. 
  • Phase 2: Learning Pilates Core Curriculum (Hybrid In-person/Online – 7 Months) 
    • Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus Training: Master Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Chair. 
    • Program Design & Instruction: Learn to design effective Pilates programs and develop essential teaching skills. 
    • Special Populations & Contraindications: Confidently work with diverse clients and understand exercise modifications. 
    • Client Assessment: Gain proficiency in client evaluation and program customization. 
  • Phase 3 (Online): Advanced Applications of Pilates Instruction and Exam Preparation (2 Months) 
    • Advanced Pilates Techniques: Master advanced applications of Pilates principles across various exercises and conditions. 
    • Refine & Prepare: Review key concepts, refine your teaching skills, and prepare for the certification exam. 
    • Earn Your Pilates Instructor Certification: Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Polestar Pilates Practitioner Diploma, qualifying you to take the National Pilates Certification Program exam and become a certified Pilates instructor. 
2024 Polestar Pilates Instructor Training Cities

Upcoming 2024 Comprehensive Teacher Training open for enrollment in the following cities:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Hadley, Massachusetts
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • New York City, New York*
  • Siler City, North Carolina
  • Upper Marlboro, Maryland
  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Newport Beach, California
  • Pasadena, California

*New York has an additional $1,100 city fee added to the tuition cost.

  • Participation in 25 hours of group or private Pilates classes at any location. Training with a Polestar Instructor is encouraged but not required.
  • To qualify for the Rehabilitation diploma, you must be a licensed or certified health care professional (MD, PT, DO, DC, ATC). All other applicants qualify for the Studio diploma.

Student Handbook – Policies and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Do I need prior Pilates experience to enroll? 
    25 hours of group or private Pilates classes at any location. Training with a Polestar Instructor is encouraged but not required. This program provides a strong foundation in Pilates principles, even for beginners. Your passion for movement and helping others is key. 
  • Will I be qualified to teach after this program? 
    Absolutely! Upon successful completion, you will earn a Polestar Pilates Practitioner Diploma, qualifying you for the National Pilates Certification Program exam. This opens the door to a rewarding career as a certified Pilates instructor. 
  • How can this program benefit me beyond teaching? 
    Pilates deepens your own movement understanding and body awareness. You’ll gain valuable tools for personal fitness and injury prevention, enhancing your overall well-being. 
    Pilates deepens your own movement understanding and body awareness. You’ll gain valuable tools for personal fitness and injury prevention, enhancing your overall well-being. 
  • Can I integrate Pilates into my physical therapy practice? 
    This program equips you to seamlessly integrate Pilates principles and exercises into your existing treatment plans. You’ll learn modifications for various conditions and gain confidence working with diverse clients. 
  • How does this program complement my physical therapy skills? 
    Pilates is a powerful tool for rehabilitation and movement retraining. This program strengthens your understanding of biomechanics and movement analysis, allowing you to offer your patients a more holistic approach to recovery. 
  • Is this program accredited for continuing education credits? 
    We recommend checking with your specific licensing board for CE credit approval. However, the program offers in-depth training aligned with physical therapy principles. 
  • I’m already a certified personal trainer/yoga instructor. Does this program benefit me? 
    Absolutely! Pilates adds another dimension to your skillset, allowing you to cater to a wider range of clients and offer a unique movement experience. You’ll gain expertise in program design, injury prevention, and specialized teaching techniques. 
  • How can Pilates help me expand my existing practice? 
  • Pilates is a highly sought-after fitness modality. By becoming a certified Pilates instructor, you can attract new clients seeking a targeted and effective workout approach. 
  • What sets this program apart for movement professionals? 
    Our program goes beyond basic exercises. We delve into the science of movement and provide in-depth training on special populations and contraindications, empowering you to confidently guide clients with varying needs. 
4.0 – 15 Reviews
Dorothy Kyriannis
Dorothy Kyriannis Student

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the program itself and the help/support team engagement and responsiveness. The various instructors I’ve engaged with have been helpful, friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. The one thing I truly think can be improved is the overall communication about the program, what to expect, how to find what I need, etc. Otherwise, I’m so very happy I chose to start my journey with Polestar!

Marianne Storath
Marianne Storath NCPT ,Polestar Pilates Graduate, 200 E-RYT Yoga Alliance, ACE Certified Group Fitness, NASM CPT

Polestar Pilates makes a huge difference in your teaching skills. This program has wonderful educators and mentors who truly want you to be your best. You become part of a family. I’ve been teaching fitness and yoga class for years with wonderful feedback. Recently I was blessed to have one of my Pilates clients share with me that she has been taking Pilates for over 20 years from very good instructors and on a scale of 1-10 most of them were 7-10. She said she never met anyone like me and that she rated me a 20! She said she was so impressed with how I paid attention to her and how my teaching has make a positive impact on her movement goals, that she never noticed as much with other instructors. That special attention and ability to help her comes directly from the education I’ve received from Polestar Pilates. Forever grateful to all my teachers.

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