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How The Spinefitter Empowers Pilates and Physical Therapy

At Polestar Pilates, we understand the dedication Pilates instructors and physical therapists have to their clients’ well-being. The Spinefitter by SISSEL – a revolutionary tool to enhance Pilates and physical therapy sessions – stands out as a versatile and effective tool, celebrated for its ability to improve spinal health, core strength, and overall client progress. Read More

Fascinating Neuro-Concepts You Need To Know As A Pilates Instructor

Neuroplasticity is the nervous system forming, adapting, or reorganizing in terms of its structure and function.  Neuroplasticity describes the actual structural changes that can occur to a brain when it comes to learning and adapting, and also in terms of function and how we relay and communicate information “out” (from the brain).  It does occur throughout all stages of life however it certainly seems to slow down with age but that’s not to say that it doesn’t continue to happen, it’s just the process can be a little bit slower or requires increased thoughtfulness to facilitate the process.  Read More

The Influence Of Imagery On Neurobiology is Powerful

A lot of the research in motor imagery supports that if you rehearse the movement before you do it, afterward it’s better.  That is very interesting, but what about going further back even into the emotional aspect? What about working with the limbic system and how it affects all that movement and working directly at the endocrine and cellular level and doing imagery there.  So instead of just looking at the results and then trying to find explanations, go directly into the tissue with imagery and see if that’s measurable. No one has ever done that, why not?  Read More