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5 Ways Pilates Can Support Your Mental Health

Pilates is often promoted as being great for ‘core strength’ or ‘reducing back pain’, both of which it certainly can do. (I know, as back pain was the main reason I took up Pilates in the first place). Through personal experience and in teaching clients in private and group settings, I now know that Pilates has consistently supported me in managing my own anxiety. The practice can be instrumental in supporting the positive mental health of others.Read More

The Best Tool To Support Dancers: Pilates

Supplementary cross-training, alongside technical dance training, is essential to develop a dancer’s learning and longevity. The Pilates environment provides an opportunity to support optimal performance while reducing the risk of injury. Read More

A Polestar Education Made the Difference for Me

I loved what I heard from this teacher!  The cues sounded clear, yet at the same time, expansive, freeing, and opening!  The teacher was creative, yet clearly grounded in her understanding of proper alignment. This was the approach I was hoping for.Read More

Pilates and The Evolving Digital World

Twice a week, my 92-year-old client makes her Pilates session a priority. Knowing she can move is important to her self-esteem and overall well-being. As her instructor, I was so happy to offer a virtual movement experience to her. Read More

5 Reasons To Become a Pilates Instructor

The Polestar teacher training gives you a chance to delve deeper into not only movement itself, but also the philosophy of movement, the interplay between movement and the mind and the power of language, touch and self-practice.Read More

Polestar Graduate – Now What?

Now that you’ve completed your Pilates teacher training program, it’s time to consider in which environment or context you want to teach. There are many different ways to put your education to use!Read More