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Unlocking Neuroplasticity Through Pilates

By: Kate Strozak Pilates instructors hold a unique position to positively impact clients not just through their bones, muscles, and fascia but also neurologically. This blog post dives into neuroplasticity, the brain’s remarkable ability to adapt and form new neural connections. Understanding neuroplasticity and how Pilates fosters it can elevate your practice, helping clients achieve […]Read More

9 Tips to Self-Regulate your Nervous System

As soon as we start teaching groups we realize that there is a side to this profession that is rather nerve-racking. Here are 9 tips that can help you self-regulate your nervous system in preparation for those sometimes challenging classes.Read More

Teaching Self Monitoring in Pilates

I worry that we, as Pilates teachers, over challenge people, which can result in injury, the development of poor form, frustration, and misinformation. Are we teaching students self-monitoring so that they can make ideal choices for their body? Read More

Educator Highlight : Kim Gibilisco

Co-owner of Movement CoLab in New York where she works closely with her husband, Robert Turner, Kim’s practice focuses on pre- and postoperative cases and the cross-training of professional dancers and athletes.Read More

Is Your Posture Working for You?

I love working with clients and getting their posture in alignment at my Brookvale Pilates Studio. When I’m driving around the Northern Beaches, I find myself looking at other drivers and their posture. This makes me think about all the good we do during their Pilates sessions, only for them to then get into their car or sit at their work desks. So it’s great to give clients good tips that they can take into their everyday lives. This is one of my favorites as it affects nearly everyone and is a very easy habit to implement and change for the better. Read More

Educator Highlight: Christi Idavoy

The thing I love the most about teaching and owning a studio is building a conscious community. We come together from different walks of life to do Pilates and then realize that we have the most fundamental values in common: we value our health and happiness and want to take responsibility for it. Read More