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How The Spinefitter Empowers Pilates and Physical Therapy

At Polestar Pilates, we understand the dedication Pilates instructors and physical therapists have to their clients’ well-being. The Spinefitter by SISSEL – a revolutionary tool to enhance Pilates and physical therapy sessions – stands out as a versatile and effective tool, celebrated for its ability to improve spinal health, core strength, and overall client progress. Read More

Advice On Cueing The Core: More Muscles Than You Imagined

The more you can get the whole body to work as a system the better off your clients are when they leave your class.  Great you did an hour of Pilates, but what happens when you need to go out and run around a soccer field and play a sport?  It’s not that we’re not cueing specific muscles, but that we’re also trying to do it in the most intelligent fashion.  Read More

Six Tips To Better Cue The Breath in Pilates

The reason why the subject of breathing causes never-ending confusion is that breathing is both a very finely tuned autonomic process, as well as under our conscious control. Hence it can be altered, but we may wonder whether it should be. This will always have a very complex impact on the rest of our being. Read More

How To Make Your Movement Look Good And Feel Good With Dynamic Alignment.

Say the goal as a dancer is to look good in the mirror. What if it also feels good and is also efficient?  Learning how to create that would be the goal.  I’ve had conversations with people saying “Ballet wrecks your body”, but I disagree. Ballet can be a great exercise but you have to work on achieving those forms with good function and in dialogue with whoever is trying to achieve them. Read More