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Unlocking Neuroplasticity Through Pilates

By: Kate Strozak Pilates instructors hold a unique position to positively impact clients not just through their bones, muscles, and fascia but also neurologically. This blog post dives into neuroplasticity, the brain’s remarkable ability to adapt and form new neural connections. Understanding neuroplasticity and how Pilates fosters it can elevate your practice, helping clients achieve […]Read More

Assessing the Full Squat

How do we know what is important? How do we understand what we see? Polestar Founder Brent Anderson walks you through assessing the full squat. Read More

9 Tips to Self-Regulate your Nervous System

As soon as we start teaching groups we realize that there is a side to this profession that is rather nerve-racking. Here are 9 tips that can help you self-regulate your nervous system in preparation for those sometimes challenging classes.Read More

A Polestar Education Made the Difference for Me

I loved what I heard from this teacher!  The cues sounded clear, yet at the same time, expansive, freeing, and opening!  The teacher was creative, yet clearly grounded in her understanding of proper alignment. This was the approach I was hoping for.Read More

Core Strength in Pilates: What You Need to Know

Every time I see “core strength” as a goal, I wonder what it means to the client. Truth is, this goal does not reveal as much as you might think. Here’s what you need to know before you start working on core strength with your clients.Read More