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A Polestar Education Made the Difference for Me

I loved what I heard from this teacher!  The cues sounded clear, yet at the same time, expansive, freeing, and opening!  The teacher was creative, yet clearly grounded in her understanding of proper alignment. This was the approach I was hoping for.Read More

Now is the Time – Integrate Pilates into Health Care

What many physical therapy clinics have realized is that integrating Pilates into their practices serves their patient populations better and helps to generate cash revenue to offset the reductions in insurance reimbursement for their service. Read More

6 Mistakes Pilates Teachers Make

When mistakes happen in your studio, it can sometimes contribute to misunderstandings or even affect the Pilates experience. With regular evaluations and improvements of your habits, you can ensure a positive movement experience for everyone.Read More

Mental Imagery in Pilates Instruction

Imagery is a very useful tool for athletes as they often have very few opportunities to correctly execute their skills. Remember, a 100m final at the Olympics happens once every 4 years, and it needs to be performed with split-second perfection. Read More