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Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Pilates

By: Claire Sparrow  At least 50% of women pre-menopause experience symptoms of prolapse, and up to 85% of women post-menopause experience prolapse. I wanted to share these statistics right off the bat because, as Pilates teachers, we are often working with women who may or may not know or disclose that they have prolapse. Many […]Read More

What is the Oov?

The shape of the Oov is engineered to match the natural spinal curves of your body. Unlike a foam roller, the Oov is made from compliant foam so it is comfortable.Read More

Do You Oov?

Sandy Vojik has been a physical therapist for 2 years and completed her Polestar Pilates training 3 years ago. She is a native of Riverside, IL but currently resides in Salt Lake City, working alongside Amy Broekemeier at Pinnacle Performance. She loves creating positive physical and mental changes in her patients by tailoring her evaluation and […]Read More