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The Real Causes of Chronic Pain

By: Juan Nieto Much has changed in the paradigm of chronic pain in recent years. It seems that the message that “pain does not always mean that there is damaged tissue” is finally beginning to permeate and it no longer seems crazy to talk about contextual, environmental, psychological and social factors as the greatest predictors […]Read More

Pilates & CBD

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is different from its counter-culture cousin-compound “THC” (which might give you the giggles). Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid, one of over 100 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants. We have seen “CBD supported Restorative Yoga”, “CBD post Marathon Stretching Class” and classes that “weave” together mindfulness “cannabis culture” restorative postures and CBD smoothies (yes, banana and Cacao included)Read More

Is Your Posture Working for You?

I love working with clients and getting their posture in alignment at my Brookvale Pilates Studio. When I’m driving around the Northern Beaches, I find myself looking at other drivers and their posture. This makes me think about all the good we do during their Pilates sessions, only for them to then get into their car or sit at their work desks. So it’s great to give clients good tips that they can take into their everyday lives. This is one of my favorites as it affects nearly everyone and is a very easy habit to implement and change for the better. Read More

7 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

When you start thinking about entrepreneurship, you already have achieved the right mindset. You’ve already come to certain decisions, sometimes unconsciously, about where you want to take your practice. With your Pilates or Physiotherapy education in hand, you are clear that this what you want to do. Now comes the moment when you think about […]Read More

Pilates for Watersports: Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

At Polestar, we encourage you to apply your Pilates knowledge to every discipline of movement you can find. SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing) is a good way to add a new dimension of awareness to your routines. Just don’t slip in the water! SUP (Stand Up Paddle), or Surf Remo, is one of the fastest […]Read More