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Get Pilates into your university through Polestar Pilates. Our Pilates Program is the only one created by a PhD in Physical Therapy, Dr. Brent Anderson.

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Over the past 30 years, Polestar has successfully introduced Pilates curriculum to thousands of professionals in the United States as well as the world.

Pilates training serves as an excellent complementary discipline for DPT, DOT and PTA students.  Our programs encourage adaptability and creativity in developing problem-solving skills.  Students graduating from our programs find a competitive edge in today’s job market as well as significant economic advantages to adding Pilates instruction to their professional practice.  

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University Polestar offerings: 

  • Introduction to Pilates for Rehabilitation: One-hour Lecture followed by a 60-min Movement Experience to introduce students to Pilates in a clinical setting. This is a free introductory course you can offer your students. 
  • Gateway Pilates Mat Immersion Program: Two-day in person experience. Students will learn key Polestar concepts and be able to teach basic Pilates Mat classes.

We love collaborating at the university level to raise the awareness of Pilates in professionals who will pass it forward and contribute to the expansion of the healing and clinical work we are all so passionate about.  

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Brent Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT

Founder, Polestar Pilates

Brent Anderson is a leader in global health, movement science, and pain management through movement and spine health. He is a licensed physical therapist and orthopedic certified specialist that has practiced physical therapy for over 30 years.

He lectures widely at national and international symposia and consults with physical therapy companies, universities, and other educational bodies throughout the world. He is a leading authority in performing arts medicine, Pilates for rehabilitation, and pain management by providing successful movement experiences without pain. He was involved in the development of the PMA Pilates Certification Program, the exam, and served on the Certification Commission.

Brent founded Polestar Pilates Education, a research-based pilates teacher training school currently operating in more than 60 countries and 12 languages. He is also assistant professor at University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Recently, he launched Polestar Life, an holistic approach to healthy living that offers simple solutions to complex social health dilemmas.

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