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A Polestar Education Made the Difference for Me

I loved what I heard from this teacher!  The cues sounded clear, yet at the same time, expansive, freeing, and opening!  The teacher was creative, yet clearly grounded in her understanding of proper alignment. This was the approach I was hoping for.Read More

Graduate Highlight : Justin Shipley

I was a wreck when I found Pilates, and thus the name @shipwreckpilates ! I had been in pain all day, every day for a couple years at that point. After a year plus of daily Pilates, stretching and as much Rolfing as I could manage, I started to feel strong in my back again. I had studied a little kick boxing as a teenager and had always wanted to get back into it. I found a local teacher I really liked named Jeet Kune Do, so during my Polestar education I started training a little martial arts in my free time too.Read More

Polestar Community Testimonial: Love From Beijing

We love hearing from our Polestar community about their Pilates journey and training. Check out this recent testimonial from Polestar community member Gamze Gunay from Bejing!   I remember the times I was working hard until the late hours at the office. No matter if it was the night or weekend, or even a holiday, I was […]Read More

Who Me? How I Became a Pilates Instructor

Polestar Educator Cindy Kneiser explains how a new career in Pilates worked for her! Who me? The question came toward the end of a private Pilates session with the instructor that I had been working with for about eight years. We were almost done and I was doing mermaid on the reformer.  I knew she […]Read More