Mentor Highlight: Vikki Harris, Polestar Pilates UK

Located in Burgess Hill and London, United Kingdom, Vikki Harris is a Polestar Pilates Mentor for Polestar UK, Franklin Method Back and Spine Trainer, Contributor on the Polestar International Blog, and holds a Diploma in Dance Education AISTD STC RAD. You can find Vikki on social media @vpilatesstudioburgesshill.

Describe “the Spirit of Polestar”…

VH: A guiding ‘Pole star’, a map, territory, and landscape to be explored. Fostering an experience, to develop color, depth, individuality, and authenticity. Opening a perspective that embodies the true spirit of ‘aliveness” of human existence.

What Three Words come to mind when you think of “Polestar Pilates”




What do you love about teaching Pilates and owning a Studio? 

VH: What I love about teaching is being a witness to developing insight and the opportunity of self-reflection for not only my clients but for myself. I feel honored to walk alongside a process and hold space for someone to exist. Opening my own small studio was part of my liberation to ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, becoming aware of the ‘self’ and the individual.

Where did you take your Training and who was the educator?

VH: I trained with Polestar Pilates UK in 2012 on the Comprehensive, Reformer, and Mat courses with Liz Bussey and Diane Nye as my inspiring educators. I feel full of gratitude and appreciation for the compassionate holding through the process from all, including my mentors and Carl and Julia Moss of Polestar Pilates UK.

What are your current Inspirations? What do You love about them?

VH: I am inspired by the optimizing of health finding balance in spirit, physically and psychologically. I am fascinated by human behavior, interaction, and psychology. Behind every behavior is a feeling, behind every feeling is a need. As a Mentor to Polestar Pilates students, I feel honored to witness and be part of growth and inspired to overcome what we think we can’t do and step forward with courage into life.

Why Pilates? How did you find the practice?

VH: Initially, I found Pilates in 1999 as a professional dancer and teacher. I loved discovering and embodying the bio-mechanics through the Pilates repertoire and the process of strategy and problem-solving. Understanding the “why and how” changed and developed my skills as a dance teacher. Personally, my own Pilates practice was a transition from performing and enjoying the playing of a role, to becoming my own person. The real benefits came after an injury stopped me moving and the supportive studio equipment gave me my freedom back.

Why Polestar Pilates? How did you come to join the Polestar Community?

VH: I originally trained in Mat and Reformer with Body Control Pilates in 1999 and found the Polestar Pilates Studio Comprehensive training in 2012 as I became interested to develop the rehabilitation potential of the work. My own personal journey very much influencing my desire to support others.

What do you hope to convey in your teaching?

Choice and potential.

Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Viktor Frankl

What is your Favorite Apparatus or favorite way to move?

VH: I’m not sure if I can choose a favorite piece of equipment as each gives me a different connection and experience. I love the sense of flow the trapeze offers in sequences of movements, yet the stimulation and containment of the reformer.

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Located in Burgess Hill & London, United Kingdom Vikki Harris is a Polestar Pilates Mentor for Polestar UK, Franklin Method Back and Spine Trainer, and holds a Diploma in Dance Education AISTD STC RAD. You can find Vikki on social media @vpilatesstudioburgesshill.

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