Studio Highlight: Polestar Pilates Studio Winter Park Colorado

We asked Sarka Ruzickova, owner of Polestar Pilates Studio Winter Park about her Pilates oasis in the small mountain town of Winter Park Colorado. Polestar Pilates: Where are you located currently? SR: I live in a small mountain town in Colorado called Winter Park. Polestar Pilates: Tell us about your Pilates training! SR: I did my Pilates training in Denver at Firehaus Pilates studio about 70 miles away – The training was fantastic, and the owner, Rachel Algra, lead trainer, Dannielle Holder, and mentors were amazing.  It felt like a family, some of us became really good friends and are still in touch with each other. I did some of my practicum hours here in Winter Park and some in Denver. It helped to drive to Denver and work together with my peers. Polestar Pilates: What led you to open Polestar Pilates Studio Winter Park? SR: I knew that I wanted to open my own studio before I graduated. I didn’t have any opportunity to teach in my town. We already had a studio space in mind but weren’t sure how we could open the studio.  My husband found the opportunity to be a franchise for Polestar Pilates, and that’s how the journey started! We opened our studio at the Fraser Valley Center next to Winter Park.  We literally had to build our studio and did everything on our own with the help of our friends of course. It took us longer than we expected but we opened on  December 23, 2017. Polestar Pilates:  Its been almost one year since opening – how is it going? SR: Polestar Pilates Studio Winter Park quickly became known in the valley, and the Pilates community began to grow.  I know a lot of people as I’ve been in the Valley for 17 years with my husband.  Word travelled around pretty quickly! Now I have more and more clients coming to Pilates, not only women but men are enjoying classes as well. Every one of my clients is fantastic and they seem to really love the studio. A lot of my clients know me as a professional mountain biker and coach. Now they know me as a Pilates instructor as well. I still teach mountain biking every summer and enjoy every moment of it.  I really love helping people.

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