5 Reasons To Become a Pilates Instructor

Deepen your Practice

The Polestar teacher training gives you a chance to delve deeper into Pilates and movement.  Not only the movement itself, but also the philosophy of movement, the interplay between movement and the mind, and the power of language, touch, and self-practice.

Making the commitment to teacher training of any kind is a commitment to yourself.  It is a time to grow as an individual, to explore movement and methodology that maybe be new or unfamiliar, and a time to expand horizons. Polestar emphasizes problem-solving and critical reasoning in our teacher training.  We believe everyone can learn how to develop a consistent movement practice for themselves and others regardless of age, injury, ability, or background.  (It all starts with the Polestar Principle’s of Movement).

Find Your Voice – Start Your Journey

We see so many promising new teachers go through the program.  It regularly transforms not only their movement practice but their life direction (our community highlights are a testament to that!). Our training is open to anyone ready for a change, for movement in their life. Even if becoming a teacher isn’t the end goal, there is power in getting deeper into self.  In our recent training in Miami, our students included two yoga instructors, one physical therapist, a track runner, a professional waterskier, three body-workers, and a marketing executive. There is so much power in learning from others who are in different places in life, in their movement practice, and in their direction.

Become A Pro Pilates Instructor

At Polestar you don’t learn rote exercises.  Your Pilates education delves into how to teach the exercises, and how to modify them.  You learn that anyone can have a positive movement experience regardless of injury, physical limitations, or experience. We teach the importance of imagery, tactile cueing, energy medicine, and sequencing in conducting a movement class or private session.

You will learn to be a client-centered instructor, how to ask your clients the right questions, and how to assess movement at a professional level. 

One Amazing Global Community

Through the teacher training, you will have opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded individuals all sharing one goal: To Move The World!  You will grow with your individual group, and with the Polestar community as a whole. The Polestar community is rich with opportunities to learn and teach with students and instructors from all around the world.

Move Your Career Forward & Move The World

You have the power to make a change and “Impact the world through intelligent movement”. We have the ability to change ourselves and to spread that change through connecting with individuals and helping them to make changes in themselves, which has an inevitable ripple effect.

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