Teacher Training

Dorothy Kyriannis

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the program itself and the help/support team engagement and responsiveness. The various instructors I’ve engaged with have been helpful, friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. The one thing I truly think can be improved is the overall communication about the program, what to expect, how to find what I need, etc. […]Read More


I loved this course! I now feel so confident in my teaching skills and I have learned how to properly train clients with pathologies and I am excited to continue learning through Polestar!Read More

Macy Romero

Mat Foundations as a course has been INSTRUMENTAL to the start of my training in teaching Pilates. I truly learned so much in both the actual sessions and the prerequisite work (Anatomy, Principles, etc). As I continue to learn more as a teacher in training, I find myself constantly going back to my notes from […]Read More

Marianne Storath

Polestar Pilates makes a huge difference in your teaching skills. This program has wonderful educators and mentors who truly want you to be your best. You become part of a family. I’ve been teaching fitness and yoga class for years with wonderful feedback. Recently I was blessed to have one of my Pilates clients share […]Read More

Lauren Sayed

Each workshop/training I have attended with Polestar goes above and beyond my expectations. Each instructor demonstrates their passion for Pilates/Movement by sharing their knowledge and personal experience. Thank you!Read More

Brenda Marion, NCPT

Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Training gave me the tools to assess my clients which allows me to formulate an exercise plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. Next, the Polestar framework on how to prepare a comprehensive session has been invaluable as has the knowledge of what fundamentals I must teach before introducing more advanced […]Read More