Teacher Training

Paola Grasso

I have qualified with Polestar firstly as a Mat teacher in 2018 and I have returned to complete the comprehensive course in 2022. I absolutely love being part of the Polestar family, thanks to the incredible knowledgeable mentors they constantly inspire me to learn and to seek deeply to understand the rehabilitation process of injuries. […]Read More

Kimberley Garlick

I completed my Diploma with Polestar in 2003 and had done previous certifications with other bodies prior to embarking on the Polestar journey. Polestar Pilates impacted my discovery learning journey with so much depth and direction that I have never looked back. Polestar Pilates is more than a Diploma- it is a community of passionate […]Read More

Stacy Hood

Polestar Pilates is a very thorough and in-depth program. I learned all of the Polestar pilates principles and how to apply them to each exercise. I also learned a proper evaluation and assessment for each new patient and Client that I work with. Polestar taught me the importance of breath work and how to apply […]Read More

Nicole Frederic-Lindo

When you know the answers to the why’s, you can really put people into the safest position so that they’re not in pain and they can begin to move in a more relaxed way instead of in that fear that comes with pain and that’s been strictly from Polestar. I would have never known how […]Read More

Cristy Eggers, ATC

I came to Polestar as a bridge transition training student in hopes of aligning my background in Athletic Training and Pilates towards the Polestar method of teaching. The staff and mentors at Polestar have been instrumental in the refinement of my knowledge as a Pilates Instructor, as well as aiding me in deepening my own […]Read More

Mette Hansen, NCPT

Choosing Polestar, you can teach anybody that walks through your door. You will feel confident and comfortable teaching anybody, and that I think is empowering.Read More