Marianne Storath

Polestar Pilates makes a huge difference in your teaching skills. This program has wonderful educators and mentors who truly want you to be your best. You become part of a family. I’ve been teaching fitness and yoga class for years with wonderful feedback. Recently I was blessed to have one of my Pilates clients share with me that she has been taking Pilates for over 20 years from very good instructors and on a scale of 1-10 most of them were 7-10. She said she never met anyone like me and that she rated me a 20! She said she was so impressed with how I paid attention to her and how my teaching has make a positive impact on her movement goals, that she never noticed as much with other instructors. That special attention and ability to help her comes directly from the education I’ve received from Polestar Pilates. Forever grateful to all my teachers.