Macy Romero

Mat Foundations as a course has been INSTRUMENTAL to the start of my training in teaching Pilates. I truly learned so much in both the actual sessions and the prerequisite work (Anatomy, Principles, etc). As I continue to learn more as a teacher in training, I find myself constantly going back to my notes from the course as there were so many incredible bits of information. Also, I would like to point out that Becky Phares is a legend. She is so professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the work that she does and provided an incredible experience for all. I will say that I feel that the student portal (LMS) was a tad confusing at times. Locating assignments (especially the prerequisite resources) was sometimes a challenge. Also, it was unclear as to whether we even had to take the Anatomy and Principles courses prior to the start of our Zoom Sessions. As I stated previously, I did do both courses, but most of our cohort was not even aware that we had to complete these (or if they were even required). There were also several books I purchased (because they were listed as required), that we did not use. I think that a bit more organization behind the scenes on Polestar’s part would greatly benefit this experience for all. Again, I cannot stress enough how beneficial and special this course has been for me, especially with Becky as our guide. I think that the course can be made better behind the scenes with a bit more structure and organization on the back end. Other than that, I would gladly recommend this program to anyone aiming to become a Pilates instructor. I look forward to seeing the course evolve and grow!