Teacher Training

Len Palombi

I was drawn to Polestar because of it’s therapeutic focus. I learned assessment skills and how to design a customized Pilates exercise program to address a client’s specific needs. Polestar helped me grow as a professional by enabling me to work with special populations to give them a positive movement experience. I would encourage other […]Read More

Sandra Day

I had been teaching Clinical Pilates as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 3 years, and had 30 years physiotherapy experience with my own private clinic, when I wanted further Pilates expertise. I had completed a few introductory and intermediate Pilates courses when Polestar Pilates was recommended to me. I learnt more than I could imagine! I […]Read More

Nickola Evans

I first qualified in 2004 with Polestar Au as a mat instructor. This qualification gave me the confidence to go and teach small classes of high quality. After teaching in Australia and the UK for a few years I then went on to take the Comprehensive training at Polestar UK. I am now a Physio […]Read More

Barbara Barry

I became Polestar Practitioner 20 years ago in NYC. I then opened up my own studio teaching mostly private one on one clients for more than 14 years. I also was able to apply Polestar principles with my Patients while working in Physical Therapy as a PTA, and of course, in life as well!Read More

Sandy Baker

My Polestar education was incredibly thorough. It included learning about the Pilates repertoire plus about the many contraindications and precautions I potentially would and in fact did often encounter working with a varied population. It provided a very strong foundation of knowledge which prepared me to teach 1:1 and Pilates Mat classes for over 19 […]Read More

Sherlyn C.

Polestar Pilates sets itself apart by constantly evolving, yet being all encompassing in its delivery of educational material as well as the learning experience. The Polestar community is ever helpful, ever willing to share and explore information together, to help one another grow to be a better version of themselves at any one time. The […]Read More