Unlock the Myth of Intra-Abdominal Pressure.

How do we educate those who have lost the capacity to appropriately use intra-abdominal pressure? What is intra-abdominal pressure and why does it matter? How do we facilitate the appropriate amount of stiffness for the anticipated load? Read More

Polestar Educator Highlight : Audrey Ng

There is increasing evidence, both empirical and anecdotal that support this philosophy, and as a physical therapist and integrated health practitioner, I choose Pilates for a neuro/bio/psycho/social approach to rehabilitation.Read More

6 Mistakes Pilates Teachers Make

When mistakes happen in your studio, it can sometimes contribute to misunderstandings or even affect the Pilates experience. With regular evaluations and improvements of your habits, you can ensure a positive movement experience for everyone.Read More

No Pain No Gain? Ingredients for the Perfect Fitness Recipe

No pain No Gain?  Polestar educator Karyn Staples PT, PhD, NCPT discusses how cross training, moderation and epsom salt might be crucial ingredients for the perfect fitness recipe. When You Don’t LOVE your Exercise Anymore It’s been nearly two months since you resolved to get more exercise. You started with the best intentions. You went […]Read More

Working with Clients with Scoliosis

A teaser by Polestar Pilates International on the topic of our upcoming course: Pilates Adaptations for people with Scoliosis – Supporting the Teachings of the Scroth Method – With: Scroth educator Hagit Berdishevsky and Polestar educator Lise Stolze (Stolze Therapies) in Allen, TX: March 27-29, 2020 WORKING WITH CLIENTS WITH SCOLIOSIS Scoliosis is one of the most stubborn, abundant disorders […]Read More