Polestar Grads Where are they Now? Mara Sievers’ Pilates Encyclopedia

  “We all know that we can choose from the following variations for Footwork on the Reformer: Heels parallel, V-position with heels on the bar, point and flex (tendon stretch), running (prancing, walking), prehensile (wrapping) and a few others. But why would you choose one over the other? Which variation is best for which type […]Read More

Mentor Highlight: Becky Phares, NCPT

Becky Phares, PMA®-CPT is a Polestar Pilates Graduate and a candidate for the Next Pilates Anytime Teacher 2018.  With more than 10 years of teaching Becky teaches at her studio The Body Initiative Pilates Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Find Becky on instagram @the_body_initiative Polestar: What do you love about teaching? BP: First of all, I […]Read More

The Breath as a Tool

The Breath As A Tool –  Katrina Hawley, NCPT, Polestar Educator I was once at a Polestar Pilates Educator meeting in which we were working hard to create content for the Internet to communicate to the world, “Why Pilates?” And “Why Polestar?”  The answers I found to these questions were easy.  Why Pilates? Because Pilates keeps […]Read More

Pilates is for Every Body

Together, Amelia and Erica designed a program for me to start with very simple stretching and range of motion movements. In discovering how my muscles worked, we were able to design a program that would help improve my core strength and my balance. Emphasis on balance because I have been known to fall and I am not able to get up without help.Read More

Trending Superfoods: Just a Passing Fad?

Science Reveals the Truth Behind Turmeric With the modern cultural shift towards good health and nutrition, a few questions keep popping up: Should I take dietary supplements?  Do they really work or do they just end up passing through the body?  If I eat a healthy diet, why would I need supplements?  What’s the deal […]Read More

7 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

When you start thinking about entrepreneurship, you already have achieved the right mindset. You’ve already come to certain decisions, sometimes unconsciously, about where you want to take your practice. With your Pilates or Physiotherapy education in hand, you are clear that this what you want to do. Now comes the moment when you think about […]Read More