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10 Amazing Benefits Of Leading Your Pilates Business with Purpose

You must believe in what you do, and the goal is to sell someone on becoming a member of what you do. Maybe this is buying a 10-pack of classes, or scheduling their next session with you. You can learn to look at this as giving them a gift to stay in touch and make sure they stay on track to reach their goals.Read More

Educator Highlight : Misty Woodden

Two of my inspirations are Runity and the Oov. These two trainings align with the Polestar principles and have given me new avenues to explore movement and enhanced my rehab “toolbox.” Runity has given me assessment and teaching tools to not only help my clients with their running, but has also improved my own running. It has also made me more conscious of being varied and spontaneous in movements and approaching exercise more playfully. After the Runity program, my husband and I started entering Xterra competitions. I have kept my focus mostly on the trail running events, and I am enjoying running more than I ever have! The Oov has been equally inspirational. The emphasis on eccentric control using the Oov has proved to be very effective in being able to create new motor patterns. It has also been awesome in several of my clients’ home programs. Read More

Educator Highlight: Heather Brummett

From my first class, I knew I wanted to do something with Pilates. While dancing I suffered a significant ankle injury and had to see a PT. This, coupled with anatomy and physiology classes at a community college in LA, sparked my interest in PT. Just after graduating from PT school in 2001, I took a course from Brent Anderson, teaching Pilates in rehabilitation. I then signed up for the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Course and continued to take more and more courses from the awesome teachers in the Polestar family.Read More

What Are The Best Exercises for Scoliosis?

 Polestar Educator, Physical Therapist, and certified C2 Schroth therapist Lise Stolze offers further insight to Scoliosis and working with Scoliosis clients.  For all upcoming continuing education courses with Polestar visit: Polestar Con-Ed Most asked questions scoliosis clients ask me about exercise: Should I perform some exercises just on one side? Should I choose exercises that rotate […]Read More