Joseph Pilates

5 Ways Pilates Can Support Your Mental Health

Pilates is often promoted as being great for ‘core strength’ or ‘reducing back pain’, both of which it certainly can do. (I know, as back pain was the main reason I took up Pilates in the first place). Through personal experience and in teaching clients in private and group settings, I now know that Pilates has consistently supported me in managing my own anxiety. The practice can be instrumental in supporting the positive mental health of others.Read More

The Influence Of Imagery On Neurobiology is Powerful

A lot of the research in motor imagery supports that if you rehearse the movement before you do it, afterward it’s better.  That is very interesting, but what about going further back even into the emotional aspect? What about working with the limbic system and how it affects all that movement and working directly at the endocrine and cellular level and doing imagery there.  So instead of just looking at the results and then trying to find explanations, go directly into the tissue with imagery and see if that’s measurable. No one has ever done that, why not?  Read More

Unlock the Myth of Intra-Abdominal Pressure.

How do we educate those who have lost the capacity to appropriately use intra-abdominal pressure? What is intra-abdominal pressure and why does it matter? How do we facilitate the appropriate amount of stiffness for the anticipated load? Read More

9 Tips to Self-Regulate your Nervous System

As soon as we start teaching groups we realize that there is a side to this profession that is rather nerve-racking. Here are 9 tips that can help you self-regulate your nervous system in preparation for those sometimes challenging classes.Read More

Polestar Pilates Highlight : Ana Bolt Turrall

What I love about teaching Pilates is that I get to share how amazing it feels and is for the body. I have the opportunity to share the importance of movement longevity and encourage people of all backgrounds to enjoy this treasure. Read More