Joseph Pilates

Polestar Mentor Highlight: Meech Aspden

The spirit of Polestar is about finding the discipline and passion within to continually practice Pilates and empower others to practice Pilates. It’s not about finding perfection but about sharing and encouraging that passion.Read More

Polestar Educator Highlight : Audrey Ng

There is increasing evidence, both empirical and anecdotal that support this philosophy, and as a physical therapist and integrated health practitioner, I choose Pilates for a neuro/bio/psycho/social approach to rehabilitation.Read More

Teaching Self Monitoring in Pilates

I worry that we, as Pilates teachers, over challenge people, which can result in injury, the development of poor form, frustration, and misinformation. Are we teaching students self-monitoring so that they can make ideal choices for their body? Read More

Pilates & CBD

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is different from its counter-culture cousin-compound “THC” (which might give you the giggles). Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid, one of over 100 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants. We have seen “CBD supported Restorative Yoga”, “CBD post Marathon Stretching Class” and classes that “weave” together mindfulness “cannabis culture” restorative postures and CBD smoothies (yes, banana and Cacao included)Read More

Helping and Healing Through Pilates

Deborah Marcus entered the Pilates world in the 1980’s in New York City via teachers including Andre Bernard and Jean Claude West while pursuing a career as a dancer and choreographer.  She found her way to the Polestar Teacher Training in 2008 studying with Sherri Betz in Santa Cruz, CA., “It was an eye opening and […]Read More

Educator Highlight Shelly Power

Shelly Power is the Director of Curriculum for Polestar Pilates.  She has been teaching Pilates since 1992 and has lead teacher trainings since 2000.   Shelly’s unique and rich teaching style includes aspects from her specialization in NLP communication and experience teaching dance and movement to children.   We sat down with Shelly to learn more about her, including her […]Read More