Brenda Marion, NCPT

Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Training gave me the tools to assess my clients which allows me to formulate an exercise plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. Next, the Polestar framework on how to prepare a comprehensive session has been invaluable as has the knowledge of what fundamentals I must teach before introducing more advanced movements. Post graduation, the ongoing support and opportunity for growth provided by Polestar by means of Pilates Hour, blogs and continuing education continues to extend my knowledge base. For me, personally, working in a PT and Pilates Studio with a Polestar Teacher Trainer Mentor, Dr Karyn Staples, has propelled me forward daily. In short, Polestar has given me the toolbox and support to be an effective and competent Pilates Professional. My advice to others considering Polestar is to be ready to really dedicate the necessary time to this worthwhile program to get the most out of it. Then, if possible, before and after graduation, team up with an experienced mentor, continue to study and put the work in, and dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong learner.