Lauren Sayed

Each workshop/training I have attended with Polestar goes above and beyond my expectations. Each instructor demonstrates their passion for Pilates/Movement by sharing their knowledge and personal experience. Thank you!Read More

Roxana Molina-Lopez

I was exhausted and worked full-time as an orthopedic physical therapist in several factory-like clinics. I would see around 30 patients per day and worked on the weekends at a local hospital seeing patients and treating them as a diagnosis with protocol-based treatments. I started exploring different areas of practice to see if I can […]Read More


I have joined Polestar Community since 2018 when I started the Comprehensive Course…For me Polestar was I career change after 20yrs of corporate experience in various marketing and human resources fields…As my dream was to become a ballet dancer but constant injuries didn’t allow me to follow that path…all my corporate career life was a […]Read More

Brenda Marion, NCPT

Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Training gave me the tools to assess my clients which allows me to formulate an exercise plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. Next, the Polestar framework on how to prepare a comprehensive session has been invaluable as has the knowledge of what fundamentals I must teach before introducing more advanced […]Read More

Stacy Hood

Polestar Pilates is a very thorough and in-depth program. I learned all of the Polestar pilates principles and how to apply them to each exercise. I also learned a proper evaluation and assessment for each new patient and Client that I work with. Polestar taught me the importance of breath work and how to apply […]Read More

Devra Swiger

I received my Polestar training in 2004/2005 timeframe. I had already gone through a program with a classically trained instructor in Charlotte. I also did intense mat work with Colleen Glen. I decided to do Polestar as I needed something that would help me work with a wider variety of bodies. I really loved my […]Read More