Roxana Molina-Lopez

I was exhausted and worked full-time as an orthopedic physical therapist in several factory-like clinics. I would see around 30 patients per day and worked on the weekends at a local hospital seeing patients and treating them as a diagnosis with protocol-based treatments. I started exploring different areas of practice to see if I can truly make a difference in someone’s life… I became a manager and realized how sub-par therapists were treating their patients. I was very frustrated, and my great friend, colleague, and Polestar graduate Michele Gust told me that I should learn Pilates for physical therapy through Polestar and that it would change my practice. I started in 2013 and I was blown away. As soon as I started incorporating what I was learning with my home health patients, I started to make a huge difference in their lives and in my career path. I returned to orthopedics, opened my own private cash-based home health company, and later opened a brick-and-mortar clinic in Juno Beach where I now practice. Pilates training through Polestar has given me much more knowledge and self-esteem and enabled my niche practice.