I have joined Polestar Community since 2018 when I started the Comprehensive Course…For me Polestar was I career change after 20yrs of corporate experience in various marketing and human resources fields…As my dream was to become a ballet dancer but constant injuries didn’t allow me to follow that path…all my corporate career life was a trial to find out alternatives so as to feel alive as I felt while I was dancing…when I first experienced a Pilates session in order to overcome a serious injury on psoas – at that moment I realized that Pilates was where I belong!!! Polestar training was the diploma that incorporates scientific insights about movement…the idea of healing through movement, of changing peoples’ live through intelligent movement were meaningful to me…Today, I own Holistic Pilates studio located in Athens, Greece, and I have incorporated the same vision…we should teach our clients how to be mobile…flexible in their everyday life…so as to avoid injuries and spine pathologies…if we change our moving pattern by achieving axial elongation…head-neck-shoulder organization…and all other Polestar Principles…we will feel better…move better and live better!!! Thank you Polestar team for the inspiration!!!