Attracting Potential Clients to Your Studio

In our previous post, we discussed landing pages and started the topic of SEO Optimization. Now that we have our landing page and communication down, it is time to continue to dive into keywords in your strategy.  

Phase 3: Search Engine Marketing and SEM Campaigns

In order to reach potential clients, you need to improve your website’s position in search engine results. To improve search engine positioning there are two variants to work with: free organic or natural positioning (SEO) and paid positioning through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Strategy should be based on the detection of keywords that attract potential clients. A keyword is the phrase or word used when someone looks up information through a search engine. The most common mistake made when creating a list of keywords is to focus on the brand name. Unless you are a well-known business, clients will not look up your studio by name. A good trick to build up your keyword list is to ask a friend how they would look for you if they did not know your name or brand. What words would they use? You can also use the formula, “service + specialty + location.” In our example, effective keywords would be, “Pilates for pregnant women in South Miami.” Start by creating a short list of keywords; you can expand and refine this list later. The advertising platform Google Adwords allows you to optimize these campaigns based on the data of your search results, finding what searches produced real-life studio visits. To optimize your SEM campaign, you should review these results and make the necessary changes to fine-tune the campaign with keywords that produce tangible results. The more optimized your campaign is, the less you’ll pay per click, the better your position will be in search results, and the more visits you’ll get to your landing page.  

Phase 4: Measuring Results

Our ultimate goal is not just to create a database, but also to make these contacts become clients. With the data from the recruitment campaign, we have a list of names, emails, and telephone numbers of potential clients. A good strategy to close the sale is to offer a free trial session. Returning to our example of Pilates classes for pregnant women, we can offer a session in which the potential client can experience the style of the session and the personalized attention they will receive. It is a sales session, so remember that listening is essential to understanding the client’s needs and to be able to offer what she is looking for. It’s time to measure the results! Of all the people who contacted you thanks to the campaign, how many have come to the trial session? And of those, how many have invested in your services? With this data we can measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and of our sales process for that particular service. The good thing about online recruitment strategies are that once you start it up, if it is well implemented, you will very quickly start receiving calls, emails, and visits from potential clients. Additionally, it allows you to completely control advertising spending since you can increase, decrease, or stop the investment at any time you wish.

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