How to get New Pilates Clients through the Door

Are you looking for new clients for your Pilates studio or personal training center? If you have open availability, you likely have noticed that customers do not magically appear. Do you know how to solve this dilemma? As more and more people become interested in staying healthy, the number of Pilates studios, training centers, gym boutiques, and other specialized fitness offerings also continues to grow. According to, there were 42,336 health clubs in North America in 2015. Surely if you have spent time working in the same city, you’ve seen how businesses related to physical activity have been continuing to grow and are, in a way, your competition. The number of people that practice Pilates also continues to grow, which means there is a big market out there for you to reach.
In Spring 2008, the number of people who practiced Yoga or Pilates within the last 12 months amounted to 16.21 million in the United States.
The question remains: how do we drive these customers to our studio? The answer is this: to draw customers to your business, you will need an effective customer-attraction strategy that does not go beyond your budget, which is why we will utilize an online customer-attraction strategy for your Pilates studio or personal training center. A good communication and sales strategy is essential to gaining customers in your business. The success of your business hinges on knowing the difference between simply informing your clients and making a sale. When you inform your potential clients, you explain what your offer is, what services you offer in the center, and the prices of your fees or bonuses. Listening plays a vital role when making a sale. During a sales process, you must listen to your potential client to understand what their goals are and thus be able to offer a personalized service. Potential clients are far more likely to purchase your service if they believe it will meet their specific needs. Not all of your services will be suitable for each type of customer—you already know that. The same is true in a good strategy to gain customers. This is why, when developing your strategy it’s important to keep in mind your good communication skills: listen and offer a personalized service. Aside from communication, the effectiveness of online customer recruitment strategies is more than proven. We live in a time when the Internet is the go-to resource for all questions, including where to go when you want to pursue good health. Are you going to be there to offer your services? With a good strategy, yes. We will be diving into online strategies to bring clients from the digital world into your studio. Make sure to tune in next week when we discuss how to build an online customer recruitment strategy!

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