The Power Of Experiential Learning: Introducing Polestar Pilates Online

Since the late 90’s, Polestar Pilates has been on the cutting edge of development and research in Pilates education. Originally, all courses were held in person and included lectures in conjunction with the practical Pilates training. As research on learning methodology grew, we found that sitting in a chair and listening to a lecture was sub-optimal. Considering these findings we decided to record our lectures and allow the in-person modules to be much more interactive.

In this new model, students can digest the lecture material at their own pace and are given the ability to re-watch the lecture as many times as needed to understand the material.

Online & Interactive

This has worked so well that we decided to take it a step further and make our online platform fully interactive. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled learning experience that provides students with the strongest resources possible.  Our online platform has always bridged the gap between theory and practice. Now we are increasing our ability to connect with students and utilize technology to easily share videos and engage in discussion. This allows our educators to spend more time during the in-person courses facilitating movement, teaching, and discussing experiences. 

 With an understanding that every student has a unique way of learning, Polestar Online is just one branch of our education structure. This structure includes elements that supplement and support each other, giving each student opportunities to learn in various styles. These include, but are not limited to, observation, supervised and self-directed practice hours, and apprentice teaching.

Supporting In-Person Education

The largest branch includes our in-person training. Students meet with their cohort group monthly for 16 hours in a weekend of in-person, personalized training with their educator. These weekends are intensive and full of movement and teaching. This is the time for the educator to expand upon the information learned online in a practical and experiential way.  In between these monthly modules, students complete their online materials (lectures, discussions, quizzes), homework, observation, practice teaching, and self-study. 

“The new learning platform ensures that students stay engaged and connected with the course in between the modules. It is interactive, engaging, and very easy to use once they get started. [It] also gives students a way to ask questions and seek support faster and gives educators a chance to identify areas for development more quickly, enabling them to provide more targeted guidance, particularly for students who are coming from a distance.”

Polestar Faculty Kate Strozak, Polestar Pilates USA, Chicago

As we move further into the digital age, we are excited to be able to utilize these advances to enhance the learning and teaching potential of our students and educators. Technology allows us to realize our basic tenet as Pilates and movement professionals – to provide positive movement and learning experiences.

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  1. Wow, this is going to be amazing! Congratulations! And I’m thrilled for all future Polestar trainees! I applaud you guys for continually raising the standard of Pilates.

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