Teacher Training

Six Tips To Better Cue The Breath in Pilates

The reason why the subject of breathing causes never-ending confusion is that breathing is both a very finely tuned autonomic process, as well as under our conscious control. Hence it can be altered, but we may wonder whether it should be. This will always have a very complex impact on the rest of our being. Read More

A Yoga State of Mind

What if yoga were a mindset, a state of being, a way of identifying with ourselves? What if we could bring this yogic identification into all of our activities, classes, and relationships? In celebration of International Yoga Day, we will have a look at what yoga is, how we can benefit from it and bring into our everyday lives.Read More

Educator Highlight: Claire Sparrow

I am creative, lateral thinking, and intuitive so learning scripts, teaching rote, and not knowing the why behind what we were doing really never worked for me. Polestar allows us to be creative, to be who we are as humans, and teach from there.Read More