Attracting Potential Clients to Your Studio

In our previous post, we discussed landing pages and started the topic of SEO Optimization. Now that we have our landing page and communication down, it is time to continue to dive into keywords in your strategy.   Phase 3: Search Engine Marketing and SEM Campaigns In order to reach potential clients, you need to […]Read More

Building a Customer Recruitment Strategy

In our last post, we saw how important it is to be present on the Internet, especially if you’re looking for new customers. Everyone browses the Internet to research their interests, needs, and hobbies. They also check the ‘net when they are looking for a Pilates studio or rehabilitation center. It’s time to build up […]Read More

How to get New Pilates Clients through the Door

Are you looking for new clients for your Pilates studio or personal training center? If you have open availability, you likely have noticed that customers do not magically appear. Do you know how to solve this dilemma? As more and more people become interested in staying healthy, the number of Pilates studios, training centers, gym […]Read More