Mentor Highlight : Becky A’Hearne – Polestar Pilates UK

Meet Becky A’Hearne: Mat and Comprehensive Polestar practitioner, Mentor for Polestar Pilates UK and Franklin Method®️ Spine Educator. Teaching in Cirencester, The Cotswolds, UK and Bristol, UK

In your own words – describe “the Spirit of Polestar”

BA: Inclusive, open minded and flexible.

What Three Words come to mind when you think of “Polestar Pilates”

  • Possibilities
  • Evolving
  • Community

What do you love about teaching Pilates and owning a Studio? Where did you take your Training and who was the educator?

BA: I love being able to provide a centre where people can discover their true mind body potential through Pilates. I trained in London with Joanna (Polestar Germany / Mat) and Liz Bussey (Comprehensive 2005)

What are your current Inspirations? What do You love about them?

BA: Whole body health and well being. I love exploring how movement and simple lifestyle changes can improve health and general well being.

Why Pilates? How did you find the practice?

BA: I was a freelance group exercise instructor in London in the early 2000’s and Pilates was beginning to come into the health clubs. My mum had done one of the first Polestar trainings in the UK. I thought I would do it to so that I would have another class to offer. Little did I know that through the Polestar approach to Pilates it was so much more than I thought it would be. The approach was refreshing and made sense to me. It also allowed for Pilates to be accessible to everyone through the rehabilitation aspect of the course. From this point I knew that Pilates was so much more than a set of exercises. It worked for people and their fitness goals and would allow for an organic and sustainable career path for me to follow.

What do you hope to convey in your teaching?

BA: That Pilates will have a really positive impact on your mind and body, which can allow for people to be healthier and happier. That there are options and choices for all. Listen to your body and do what feels good.

What is your favorite Quote? How do you live / embody / apply this?

BA: Great question. “The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors” Joseph Pilates. Last year I experienced many health issues and felt the effects of what the body can do the mind and what the mind can do to the body, like I had never done before. This taught me a lot and I now try to live my life with mental calm, spiritual peace and enjoyment of physical fitness. I am everyday grateful for them.

What is your Favorite Apparatus or favorite way to move?

BA: The Reformer. It is so versatile – allowing you to start on your back completely supported and finishing with you standing on the foot bar in an inversion. The possibilities are endless.

Learn more about Becky @the_bodyworkshop_pilates and Polestar Pilates Uk

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