Nicole Frederic-Lindo

When you know the answers to the why’s, you can really put people into the safest position so that they’re not in pain and they can begin to move in a more relaxed way instead of in that fear that comes with pain and that’s been strictly from Polestar. I would have never known how […]Read More

Annie Crimmins

Shelly, great job as always. I appreciate the deeper dive into exercises. You always remind me that the basics are the starting point and we build from there. Good review of the basics with some good choreography and ways to tease out some new challenges. Thank you!Read More

Marsha Miller Ed.D.

The webinar sessions have been great because they help reiterate, catch, reinforce what we may have missed or need to be reinforced even after any training/certification. Also, if you don’t catch something during, you can watch the replay. I especially like the specialists & case studies, & higher level thinking even though I’m not on […]Read More

Fran Hall Bullock

That was a very inspiring talk. I look forward to trying out some of the ideas.Read More

Jan Gray

Shelly, your deep dive into these exercises are always helpful! Thanks so much!Read More