Annette Jackson

I try to listen to all of the wonderful webinars! Today I actually was able to listen in real time. Dinah and Brent, that was wonderful and very educational. I realize that the onset of my OA happened in Perimenopause. My dance career and hypermobility caught up with me, resulting in total hip replacements. (Brent […]Read More

Sherilyn Cognetti

I have been following the Pilates hour for over a year now and love your perspective on many various topics….love your mix of presentations. I hope someday to come to the farm and do some training with you live but right now I am very grateful to have this wonderful weekly educational experience.Read More


Educational and enlightening hours with people who do not hesitate to share their knowledge and experiences! Thank you!Read More

Melinda Brenner

Thank you so much for providing these educational webinars with experts from around the world that allow everyone to collaborate and learn! I really appreciate the continued education for NO COST! Many many thanks.Read More


Excellent and very interesting, so very useful for improving teaching Pilates and other movement/fitness classes! Thank you very much for sharing state-of-the-art current research in this field.Read More

Flavie Audibert

Very interesting and easy to follow presentation! Always good to keep learning. Thank you Hagit and Brent!Read More