Community Highlight: Maricele Hammers

Polestar Pilates is the epitome of Pilates education – the sense of commitment to help others with knowledge and professionalism is out of this world. It’s the spirit of love for what you do, commitment, perseverance, education, knowledge, and experience. It is the best guideline to become the best in the Pilates world. – Maricele Hammers

What Three Words come to mind when you think of “Polestar Pilates”?

  • Professionalism
  • Education
  • Knowledge

What do you love about teaching Pilates?

MH: I love teaching Pilates, and I feel very passionate about teaching the concept of the mind-body connection. When I teach I want to make sure my clients are getting a safe Pilates session and ensure that I guide them in full-body movement to the best of their abilities.

Showing my clients what Pilates is doing for them, how it is improving their life, their progress, how they are achieving their goals, and their level of focus is my responsibility as their Pilates Instructor. I believe you have to first believe in yourself as a teacher to help others as Joseph Pilates did.  I love teaching my class participants in a way that challenges them to gain strength, flexibility, and a full range of motion so they can improve their everyday life and movement activities.

Where did you take your teacher training?

MH: I took the Comprehensive Teacher Training and graduated in Miami Florida. My educator was the amazing Polestar Educator Shelly Power, to who I feel very grateful for the Pilates education I received. I also give thanks to Polestar Educators Christi Idavoy and Roxana Molina Lopez.

What are your current Inspirations?  

MH: Everyday life is an inspiration when we are committed in the field of helping others as Pilates Instructors. I feel inspired by those around me every day when I am teaching Pilates. There is a tremendous responsibility to start training someone and give one hundred percent commitment to helping that person to improve and achieve the goals they are looking for. What inspires me the most is my love for seeing all the positive changes in my clients’ daily lives, which brings a big smile to their faces and an even bigger smile to mine.

Why Pilates?  How did you find the practice?

MH: I’ve been in the fitness world since the mid-1990s, teaching, training, and have held many different types of certifications. I was hired in 2005 and working for about a year with a Spine Surgeon doctor when I was certified in Pilates with another company, but I knew it was just the beginning of Pilates for me. I knew I needed more education, and for years in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to become certified by Polestar Pilates. I knew they were the best and finally, I was able to do the Polestar training.

Why Polestar Pilates?  How did you come to join the Polestar Community?

MH: I knew Polestar Pilates was the best in Pilates education and professionalism with international recognition so for years I knew I was to become a Polestar Pilates Instructor and become part of their team. I was able to enroll in their Intensive training and then the Polestar comprehensive teacher training and received the best Pilates education I was looking for. I feel very happy to be part of the Polestar family.

What do you hope to convey in your teaching?

MH: I hope to be remembered as a knowledgeable Pilates Instructor with a lot of experience, for my passion and for always teaching Pilates to facilitate physical fitness with complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit.

What is your favorite Quote? 

MH: “Do what you love, love what you do”. It’s so important for me to love what I do. I feel that I apply this every day in my Pilates teaching. I am so passionate about my work and love to see the positive environment and improvements day after day. It makes me happy!

What is your Favorite Apparatus or favorite way to move?

MH: I could not pick a favorite apparatus, to me all of them are my favorites and each one complements the next. I love the way it feels moving across the different apparatuses and what my body experiences using them. It is amazing how all of the apparatus contribute to becoming aware of the way we move creating a whole mind-body connection experience.

You can find Maricele on social media at @marishape1065. Maricele Hammers is a Polestar Pilates Studio Practitioner, member of the Pilates Method Alliance, Fitness Professional and Weight Training Specialist with the AFAA and an Aquatic Fitness Professional with AEA.

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