Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation The body scan is a piece of mindfulness meditation. It is a practice in awareness and attention. It is a time to just be with yourself. Whenever you are in need of some “me” time, try starting this body scan and experience the benefits of increased relaxation, focus and attention. Find a comfortable position. This can be sitting, standing or lying down. Find a place where you can be comfortable for 10 minutes or longer. Begin by bringing your attention to your toes. Notice how they feel – the weight of your toes, their relationship with your surroundings, the vibration they have. Notice if your toe muscles are tense or relaxed. See if you can find more softness in your toes – less effort and work. Slowly work your way up your body, bringing each body part the same attention that you gave your toes. As you notice areas of tension, allow those areas to soften.  As you complete the scan with the crown of your head, take a moment to hold the awareness of your entire body. Take a breath. When you are ready, open your eyes. If you fall asleep at any time during the process, take a deep inhale and exhale and continue your scan. If you would like to take the scan further, try journaling about your experience. ◦ Did the scan help increase your awareness of where you hold tension in your body? ◦ Write about whatever came up for you mentally, emotionally and physically.

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