Wellness in the Workplace: 5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Practices to Bring Wellness into the Workplace 1. Take Breaks and Move!
  • Set an alarm to incorporate movement every hour.
  • Bring your own lunch and eat in the office as a group – then utilize your lunch break for an hour long walk – this will increase your daily steps and you will return to work refreshed and in good spirits.
  • Periodic Breaks will help you work longer and be more productive throughout the day.   Try cycles of (50 minutes work / 15 minute break) or (20 Minutes of work / 5 minute break).
  • Challenge:  Experiment with work to break ratios and find your sweet spot. 
2. Hydrate
  • Adults should be drinking 10 to 15 cups of Water Per day.
  • BYOB – Bring your own Bottle and take ownership of your hydration and health! Stop wasting cups and help the environment (it will make you fee good!).
  • Water is still the #1 substance for Detoxification – helping your body flush out toxins.
  • Adding Citrus Fruit Slices to your water can help your digestive system and add a hint of flavor making hydration that much more delicious!  (Most Fruit-juice drinks are Loaded with Extra Sugar).
  • Challenge: Note how often you are drinking and adjust accordingly to meet daily requirements – Knowledge is power!
3.  Bring the Outdoors In
  • Host a DIY Terrarium Team Building experience (we did!) and create a terrarium for your desk.
  • Plants help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being.
  • The green guys also improve air quality – Reducing carbon Dioxide and certain pollutants, such as benzene and Nitrogen dioxide levels.
  • Not into green? Bring in and display your favorite rocks or gemstones from your travels!
  • Challenge: Find one natural thing that inspires you and bring it into your workspace.
Woman holding arms back4. Love What You Do
  • Find something about your work that you love. Consider bringing your favorite things into the work place (pictures of your family or pets, sports memorabilia, memories of fun times).
  • Work can be a significant cause of stress – Consider career counseling or a career change, it could add years to your life!
  • Read one of our Blog posts about becoming a Pilates Instructor.  Many people in the Polestar community have made career changes and love their new lifestyle in the health and wellness field.
  • Hey Joe! – Know that person you’ve walked by 20 times in the hallway? Learn their name and introduce yourself.
  • Challenge: Say Good-morning to someone everyday before you walk into the office!
5. Try a Standing Desk – Prepare for Optimal Alignment in Seating 
  • Feeling tired? Standing increases your level of alertness and can give you a boost of energy.  It requires alignment of the spine and opens your entire torso encouraging diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Sitting for long period of time can cause back pain.  Taking standing breaks will help, also try raising your computer screen to be directly in-front of your gaze.  We lifted out monitors and felt instant neck relief
  • Standing burns more calories than sitting!  If you stand one hour per day you will start to burn more calories.  Multiply that over 6 months or one year and you could end up burning 1000’s of extra calories.
  • Challenge: Take a pause in your work to notice how you sit – Do you lean to one side more than another?  Try to sit evenly between the sits bones – this will set the foundation for your spine to thrive!
The Polestar Essentials The Essentials are Polestar’s interpretation of Joseph Pilates’ 9 original tenants of the Pilates Method of Health and Wellness.  They include: Movement, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Recreation, Sleep, Hygiene, Work, Nature and Nutrition.  Tune in for weekly updates and Essential tips in the Polestar Life Weekly.

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