Teaching Pilates

How to Motivate your Clients to Keep Moving

Adherence to an exercise program like Pilates is fundamental to ensuring the healthy objectives the practice generates are obtained. Explore the influences, variables, and tools you can implement in your teaching to motivate your clients. Read More

Teaching Self Monitoring in Pilates

I worry that we, as Pilates teachers, over challenge people, which can result in injury, the development of poor form, frustration, and misinformation. Are we teaching students self-monitoring so that they can make ideal choices for their body? Read More

Factors to Design the Best Pilates Session: Part II

A successful movement program based on the Pilates repertoire acknowledges the different influences that create the context of the student’s motor response. Every human being, even with the same type of training, responds differently. Therefore, we will approach our programming from multiple perspectives. Read More