Polestar Teacher training

Mentor Highlight : Becky A’Hearne – Polestar Pilates UK

I was a freelance group exercise instructor in London in the early 2000’s and Pilates was beginning to come into the health clubs. My mum had done one of the first Polestar trainings in the UK. I thought I would do it to so that I would have another class to offer. Little did I know that through the Polestar approach to Pilates it was so much more than I thought it would be. The approach was refreshing and made sense to me. It also allowed for Pilates to be accessible to everyone through the rehabilitation aspect of the course. From this point I knew that Pilates was so much more than a set of exercises. It worked for people and their fitness goals and would allow for an organic and sustainable career path for me to follow.Read More

Alexandra Dalli: Polestar Mentor

Polestar mentors are graduates who have directly assisted Educators in comprehensive pilates teacher trainings. Mentors in training are nominated by Polestar educators to begin the path of a Polestar Mentor. They are nominated for their potential to reach the highest standard of presence, knowledge and awareness as Pilates instructors. Welcome Mentor in Training Alexandra Dalli! […]Read More

Educator Highlight: Lynn Peterson PT, NCPT

We recently interviewed Polestar Educator Lynn Peterson PT, DPT, NCPT of Jacksonville Florida.  Learn more about Lynn Peterson and her studio Synergy Studio in Jacksonville Florida.  Registration is open for Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training with Lynn beginning September 2022 Polestar: What do you love about teaching? LP: The sparkle in the student’s eye when they “get it”, […]Read More