Polestar Pilates Graduate Highlight : Lily Hodgson

Introducing Polestar Graduate Lily Hodgson of Polestar Pilates Australia: Central Coast, Australia

I love being able to spread the awareness & importance of health through movement to my clients.

Lily Hodgson, Polestar Pilates Graduate

Where did you take your Training and who was the educator?

LH: I study with Polestar Pilates Australia in Sydney, and have been educated by Cat Gianitto, Lissie Fields, Joanne Bezzina & Liz Trezies- just to make a few!

How did you choose Polestar Pilates to be your training school?

LH: Training with Polestar was an easy choice to make as I knew they are an internationally accredited & positively known education body. I was lucky enough to know & attend classes run by a few Polestar trained instructors prior to commencing my education; after my experience during these sessions I was ready to sign up for my course.

Why Pilates? How did you find the practice?

LH: A long list of personal health issues ultimately lead me on my path to becoming a Pilates Instructor. Without it, I would be in a VERY bad state. Pilates has not only saved my physical health but my mental health as well. I am grateful to have found my calling to teach & support others in a similar way to what I was able to receive in my time of need.

In your own words – describe “the Spirit of Polestar”

LH: In short, Family! Connecting through movement and inspiring positive & healthy life from all over the world!

What Three Words come to mind when you think of “Polestar Pilates”




What do you love about teaching Pilates?

LH: I love being able to spread the awareness & importance of health through movement to my clients.

What are your current Inspirations? What do you love about them?

LH: All things holistic health and learning – Creating and enjoying the journey of study. I love being able to expand my knowledge by being open to new concepts and adapting old ones.

What do you hope to convey in your teaching?

LH: My goal is to instill positivity into at least one persons life in the short hour I have them for. If they leave with a smile, I know I have achieved something great.

What is your favorite Quote? How do you live and apply this?

“Change happens through movement & movement heals.”

Joseph Pilates

LH: I live this quote day in and day out, and embody it through my positivity towards a healthier life.

What is your Favorite Apparatus or favorite way to move?

LH: I couldn’t pick a favorite so I’ll say my favorite is the human body! I love how through determination and learning we can apply ourselves to move better and grow stronger, no matter what exercise or device we use.

What do you like about your teachers Cat Gianitto, Lissie Fields, Joanne Bezzina, Liz Trezies and Audrey Morrison

LH: I am grateful that they & everyone else at Polestar are supportive & encouraging towards the collective aspiring goal of graduating at a highly competent level, and are always reinforcing the Polestar Principles of Movement in an enriching & hands-on experience.

What is the Pilates community like in Central Coast, Australia?

LH: The Pilates community here on the Central Coast is on the rise as people are made aware of the health benefits of movement; another few years and I’m thinking it’ll be booming as much as Sydney!

What are your aspirations or goals for your creative professional life and career?

LH: A personal goal of mine is to have the ability to connect with clients on as many levels as possible, as I strongly believe that whole-body health is exactly that; body, mind & spirit. It’s also important to me that I am able to have access to and continue learning throughout my career to improve not only my own understanding of Pilates but give the best experience to my clients.

What has been the hardest part of your training?

LH: Not losing mojo or getting burnt out at the workload and logbook hours. Everyone has to get it done in order to be their best version of a Pilates instructor (and of course to graduate), but at some point like anything (and most students that I have spoken to feel the same) an overwhelming sense settles in at the amount of work that needs to be done.

Nothing worth doing in life comes or happens easy though and the overwhelming feeling doesn’t last long; as soon as you get back in that Polestar studio and continue to learn, another signature gets logged along with the next “lightbulb moment”, and before you know it you’ve done your exam.

It’s a bittersweet moment knowing all the hard work has well & truly paid off, but you’re no longer a student. No more weekends to attend, no more signatures to collect. After having already completed Mat & Reformer with Polestar, I’ve learned to savor the journey. Because once its ended, its ended. And trust me, when it does, you’ll wish you were going back next month!

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