Critical Reasoning

Erica Matney

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I learned so much from Brett, along with the lovely community of trainers & therapists who attended with me.Read More

Ann Hutton

Excellent course! I was able to brush up on basic assessment tools and dive deeper into the evaluation process while gaining practical skills working hands on with colleagues and volunteer clients. All this while connecting with friends and new peers in a fun, collaborative environment. Thank you!Read More

Carrie Gifford

I was so excited for this opportunity to work with a talented group of movement teachers as well as with Brent Anderson! I learned some skills to sharpen my eye as well as some new cueing techniques that have energized my teaching and helped me re-engage in teaching pilates. I am grateful to Ada Wells […]Read More

Len Palombi

I was drawn to Polestar because of it’s therapeutic focus. I learned assessment skills and how to design a customized Pilates exercise program to address a client’s specific needs. Polestar helped me grow as a professional by enabling me to work with special populations to give them a positive movement experience. I would encourage other […]Read More