Cristy Eggers, ATC

I came to Polestar as a bridge transition training student in hopes of aligning my background in Athletic Training and Pilates towards the Polestar method of teaching. The staff and mentors at Polestar have been instrumental in the refinement of my knowledge as a Pilates Instructor, as well as aiding me in deepening my own personal connection to the method. I already see a profound difference in my knowledge and confidence while teaching. The Polestar program design and assessments have given me the necessary “knowledge tools” to tailor workouts to my client’s specific needs with ease. By looking through Joseph Pilates repertoire through the lens of Polestar, the biomechanics of movement within the body as well as the how and why behind the movement have become crystal clear. Pilates is a practice which requires us to be willing to constantly learn, and Polestar makes this learning practical and even enlightening at times.