Dr. Brent Anderson speaking at a lecture

Dr. Brent Anderson

Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Author and Global Speaker


For over 30 years, Brent has dedicated his career to merging the science of rehabilitation with the art of Pilates, creating a holistic approach to health and wellness. He is the founder of Polestar Pilates, a global evidence-based Pilates teacher training curriculum taught in over 40 countries. Brent is also the host of the Pilates Hour podcast, where he discusses the intricacies of movement science with experts from various fields.

Discover more from Dr. Anderson by exploring his teachings, participating in workshops, or listening to the Pilates Hour podcast.

How Dr. Brent Anderson’s Work Will Benefit You

“How can movement improve our lives?” Dr. Anderson aims to unearth and share practical insights that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life, focusing on:

  • Maximizing efficiency in movement to achieve more with less effort.
  • Designing systems and processes for sustainable practice in physical wellness.
  • Developing and maintaining positive habits through mindful movement.

Dr. Anderson’s philosophy is rooted in evidence-based research and a deep understanding of biomechanics, pathokinesiology, physiotherapy, and the Pilates method. While he draws from his extensive experience, he continuously explores a wide array of disciplines to enrich his teachings.

His goal is to contribute to an “intellectual inheritance” by sharing his knowledge, helping individuals build a foundation for a healthier, more balanced life. Through his work, Dr. Anderson invites you to explore the transformative power of movement, offering tools and strategies to apply these principles in everyday living.

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