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Polestar’s Critical Reasoning Model

3-Hour Live Streamed Workshop with Dr. Brent Anderson on March 24th

Polestar’s key differentiator is our rehab focus and client-centered approach. Many Physical therapists that have gone through our program experience better outcomes with clients. We would like to help you get started on building your Pilates toolbox to set you apart from the rest.

We will be hosting a 3-hour workshop with Dr. Anderson on Polestar’s Critical Reasoning Model

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This course teaches you how to effectively differentiate whether your patient’s movement limitations are strategic, structural or both. 

  • Discover how Polestar’s Principles of Movement, the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) and the International Classification of Function (ICF) Model work together to improve your patient outcomes.
  • Learn how to apply the new algorithm to patient assessment and design patient interventions based on the findings.
  • Define outcome measures to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment design.

Dr. Anderson, author of Principles of Movement, has designed a simple, yet thorough algorithm to aid physical therapists with their functional movement assessment skills and treatment designs.  This course has been designed for rehabilitation professionals.

With Polestar’s Critical Reasoning Model, you will get a new perspective on improving patient outcomes. As a CSM 2023 attendee, we are offering you a 40% discount on the workshop.

This is a limited time offer. You only have until Friday, March 3rd @ 11:59PM EST to claim this discount. After that, the code will no longer work.