Sports Medicine

Selecting a Pilates Studio

You’re either new to teaching, you’re moving to a new city, or it’s time for a change, and you’re facing the big decision of either opening your own studio or finding an environment where you can teach. This article focuses on the latter: how to select the ideal environment in which you can thrive as a movement professional. Below are some helpful points to consider in your selection. There will be various factors unique to you and the city you live in that you’ll need to consider, and this can help you get the process started. Read More

Injury Prevention & Pilates Teacher Training

Katrina Hawley NCPT, is a Polestar Educator and graduate of the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Program. This morning I was working with a client who was experiencing shoulder pain due to swimming.  She asked me, “will my shoulder pain go away if I stop swimming?” I responded, “maybe, but do you really want to stop swimming?” […]Read More

The Swing of Things – Pilates & Rotational Sports

Golf, tennis, and baseball are just a few sports that demand mobility, stability, coordination, balance, and alignment for efficient movement. Athletes who participate in these rotational sports are excellent candidates for Pilates. If we take a moment to think about the demand placed on the body when playing any of these sports, we can quickly see that […]Read More