Polestar Principles of Movement

The Polestar Principles of Movement

What sets Polestar Pilates Teacher Training apart from the rest?  Polestar Principles! What are the Principles of Movement? 1. Breath –  “The Breath is the first act of life and the last” “Above all else, Learn to breathe correctly” – Joseph Pilates. Have you ever considered what function of the body initiates the breath?  How do the movement […]Read More

The Breath as a Tool

The Breath As A Tool –  Katrina Hawley, NCPT, Polestar Educator I was once at a Polestar Pilates Educator meeting in which we were working hard to create content for the Internet to communicate to the world, “Why Pilates?” And “Why Polestar?”  The answers I found to these questions were easy.  Why Pilates? Because Pilates keeps […]Read More