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Pilates Beyond Muscles & Bones: The Autonomic Nervous System in Motion.

Many people turn to Pilates to help them recover from injury, overcome chronic pain and physical limitations, and improve posture. With those goals at the forefront it can be easy for Pilates practitioners to focus in on muscle tissue health, biomechanics, and, of course, movement quality. That is what Pilates teachers know a lot about and tend to utilize in helping their clients improve and in reaching their goals.Read More

Alexandra Dalli: Polestar Mentor

Polestar mentors are graduates who have directly assisted Educators in comprehensive pilates teacher trainings. Mentors in training are nominated by Polestar educators to begin the path of a Polestar Mentor. They are nominated for their potential to reach the highest standard of presence, knowledge and awareness as Pilates instructors. Welcome Mentor in Training Alexandra Dalli! […]Read More